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Roof Sprung a Leak? Here’s how to know.

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Roof Sprung a Leak? Here’s how to know.

Constant dripping sounds inside your home after a rainfall can be quite annoying. But those small drips could be a warning of a bigger problem with your roof. It could be possible that your roof has sprung a leak.

Leaking is usually a sign that your roof has been damaged for quite some time and was not addressed. This entails a costly repair or an expensive replacement. 

Wouldn’t it be better if you had somehow known earlier? Below are the signs you need to look out for:

water dripping on wall

Clear Signs of Roof Leaks

Ceiling or Wall Discoloration

If you see a puddle-shaped stain on your wall or ceiling, you can be sure that there is a leak somewhere on your roof. To the untrained eye, it would be hard to tell if these round or streaked water marks have been around for years or a fresh leak. Pay close attention to walls that have a damp feeling. It may be that the leaks are happening within the walls, which is the ideal place for molds and mildew to develop.

Molds and Mildews

These two are a good indicator of a pre-leak sign. Which means it’s not too late for you to save yourself from a costly repair! Moisture, condensation, and humidity are the main culprits in mold and mildew growth. What’s worse is that moisture could lead to rotting your roof. Immediately contact your local roof experts to have them checked. 

Curled, Buckled, Missing, or Slipped Shingles

Simply looking at your roof can help you get a few ideas of its current condition. If your roof shingles are flat, even, and straight, then it’s all good. But if you see even just one shingle out of place, or missing, has curled up or protruding, this allows water to get inside. 

Consistent Dripping Noises

It’s certainly not just an annoying sound that keeps you awake at night anymore. A substantial amount of water has officially infiltrated your home. Don’t ever wait for something like this to worsen over time. Address the problem immediately before it becomes a costly regret.

What Causes These Leaks?

Structural issues and nature are among the many causes of a leak in your roof. Though only a roof expert can truly assess the cause of your house’s leaks, this list can give you a good idea of what to watch out for:

rain falling on tin roof

Cracked Flashings

Go out and have a good look at your roof’s flashings. These are sheets of metals found in between your roof joints and under shingles. Its purpose is to create a waterresistant layer that will seal that area and prevent water from entering your home. Due to harsh heat or cold rain, flashing will naturally corrode over time causing it to rust or deteriorate.

Clogged gutters

When your gutters are clogged, it can cause water to leak through the small cracks in your roof. These are gutters that have not been properly maintained. Your gutters help water steer away from the roof. If your gutters are clear, water will be able to flow freely towards a drainpipe. But if they are clogged with twigs, or leaves, water will find another way to drain itself — not the kind you would want.

Roof aging

It’s a sad reality that your roof’s leaks are simply caused by your roof’s old age. Being constantly exposed to harsh weather, your roof is sure to experience wear and tear. Moisture, heat, and freezing temperatures can take its toll on your roof. 

Now that you know the signs and causes of a leaky roof, it’s up to you to either deal with the small problems early on, or leave it for a while potentially becoming a bigger problem over time. Naturally, prevention is always favored. These are some of the things in life that’s hard to DIY. Save your roof and your pocket by contacting a local roof expert to address your roof concerns before any major damages will occur. Check out our Part 2 post on how to prevent having a leaky roof.

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