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Common Roof Problems in Winter

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Common Roof Problems in Winter

When winter is fast approaching, most people tend to get preoccupied with a few things. Some of these are Christmas presents, shoveling the driveway, prepping the car’s tires for slippery roads, and much more. Their roof is usually the last thing on their mind until something goes wrong.

You don’t have to be like most people! Your roof is your main defense against nature’s elements. Proper maintenance and preparation before winter comes can save you from a few common roof problems:


condensation on the window

This happens when humid air meets a cold surface turning into water droplets. A problem like this is often the cause of molds and mildew. This can also be a result of improper insulation in an attic. Condensation can greatly damages the roof and decking.  Make sure that your attic is properly ventilated to prevent condensation from happening.

Leaky Flashings

If you have a sloped roof like almost everyone does, you may be familiar with flashing leaks. Placed along your roof’s ridges and edge corners are strips of metal called flashings. If these flashings aren’t reinforced or installed correctly, they will come off during severe weather. This will result in a leaky roof. Have your flashings checked twice a year at the least in case of damage. Do this before winter and the wet season.

Windy Winter

Strong gusts of winds are frequent during the cold months. If your shingles are weak and loose, they can easily be blown away. Call a professional for an immediate check-up when you see roof shingles on your lawn. Necessary repairs are imperative as this can cause leaking in your roof.

icicles on house

In conclusion, your roof is certainly a part of your house you should never take for granted. Winter is a time for holidays and get-togethers. Don’t let a leaky roof ruin your family time.

Emergency calls during winter time tend to be very costly. Prepare everything beforehand, ideally during the fall. Have your roof checked by professionals who can make expert assessments of your roof to prevent any damages from happening.

If you are concerned about any of these common roof problems this winter for your home please drop us a line.  Reach out to us for a free estimate.  We’d love to help you enjoy these next few months of winter

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