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5 Beautiful Roofs Around the World

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5 Beautiful Roofs Around the World

There is no lack of roofing achievements to celebrate around the world. Architects have pushed the boundaries of roofing for centuries. As a result, we’ve been left with some truly incredible sights and additions to bucket lists. Enjoy this list of a few of the 5 most breathtaking roofs across the globe.

Saint Basil’s Cathedral — Moscow, Russia

st. basils cathedral, moscow

Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

This roofscape is one of the most recognizable sights in Russian architecture. Located in the Red Square, the colorful design merges creativity with architectural genius. Construction began in 1555 in response to the defeat of Kazan, the final hold that the Mongolian Empire had over Russia. Think of these swirling designs and impressive construction as what the Eiffel Tower is to France.

Wat Rong Khun — Chiang Rai Province, Thailand

Wat Rong Khun — Chiang Rai Province, Thailand

Photo by Andrew Jones from Pexels

The intricate white roofing of the Wat Rong Khun, commonly known to foreigners as the White Temple, makes it one of the most impressive and stunning structures in the world. The color is meant to symbolize the purity of the Buddha. Pieces of glass are mixed into the plaster, producing a shimmering look that is also symbolic of the Buddha’s teachings. This incredible building attracts large numbers of visitors, year after year.

Grand Palace — Bangkok, Thailand

grand palace

Photo by Euan Cameron on Unsplash

Thailand’s capital houses another iconic roof and building: the Grand Palace. A must see for all tourists, the roof of the Grand Palace is crafted in the traditional Thai style while much of the rest of the structure was influenced by European architecture. The design is rife in religious symbolism, colorful touches, and is undeniably a sight to behold.

Thean Hou Temple — Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Thean Hou Temple — Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Photo by Priyanka Singh on Unsplash

This temple is one of the most recognizable sights of Southeast Asian architecture. The structure was built in honor of Tian Hou, a goddess who is said to protect fishermen. Its roof is incredibly intricate, and the red accents symbolize good fortune and prosperity.

Casa Batlló — Barcelona, Spain

casa batllo

Photo by Theodor Vasile on Unsplash

The famed architect Antonio Gaudi designed this unique building. Constructed in 1877, Casa Batllo eschewed typical architectural practices and pushed every boundary. The colorful tiled roof stands out among the surrounding buildings and makes this structure truly illustrious.

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