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5 Famous Roofs From Around The World

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5 Famous Roofs From Around The World

Roofs are a necessary part of any building, but that doesn’t mean they have to be simply functional! From historic architecture to modern innovations, there are some incredible roofs across the globe. If you’re a fan of travel, add these famous roofs around the world to your exploration bucket list. You might just find some inspiration for your dream roof in these examples!

1. White and Blue Domed Roofs — Santorini, Greece

You’ve probably seen these roofs on travel blogs and Instagram feeds, but have you ever wondered why the domed roofs of Santorini are painted cohesive shades of white and blue? It’s got a whole lot to do with the hot climate. The white roofs reflect light, keeping the interior of the structures cool. They also provide a uniform look to the coastline that is unmistakably beautiful.

2. The Taj Mahal — Agra, India

The symmetrical, domed structure of the Taj Mahal makes it one of the most legendary feats in the architectural world. Commissioned in 1632 and finished 22 years later, the mausoleum was built with materials brought from all over Asia, including marble, jasper, and lapis lazuli. The design mixes Persian and Hindu elements in one stunning display.

3. Red Tiled Roofs — Old Town, Dubrovnik, Croatia

During the Croatian War of Independence, Serbian forces executed a siege on Dubrovnik in the early 1990’s that severely damaged the city and its roofs. UNESCO backed a restoration project to reconstruct the roofs of the city. While Old Town is a historical place, the roofs themselves are relatively new and very uniform as a result of the siege.

4. St. Stephen’s Cathedral — Vienna, Austria

The beautiful tiled mosaic of St. Stephen’s Cathedral makes it one of Vienna’s most recognizable sights. The roof spans 111 meters (or 364 feet) and is covered by 230,000 colorful tiles. One part of the roof features a double-headed eagle in the design that represents the Habsburg Dynasty.

5. Sydney Opera House — Sydney, Australia

Finishing off with a renowned favorite, the iconic roof of the Sydney Opera House was conceptualized and designed by Jørn Utzon in the mid-20th century. The curved tiles proved to be a groundbreaking accomplishment in architecture, and the tiles provide the right amount of gleam and contrast with the blue waters surrounding the opera house.

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