How Long Do Roofs Last?

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How Long Do Roofs Last?

Generally, Roof life expectancy is between 15 – 20 years. However, the actual lifespan depends on several things, including the type of materials and environment. Regular maintenance and servicing will also play a vital role in the roof’s longevity.

Factors that impact how long your roof lasts:

Quality installation – Use a reputable company and don’t be afraid to ask questions, get several bids and be prepared to budget for the project.

Environmental conditions – Wind, extreme temperatures, and debris can take a toll on your roof.

The quality of materials used – Cheaper materials will cost less now but need to be replaced more often.

Type of roofing – Each material has different durability; paying attention to the conditions the roof will be subjected to will help make the right choice for materials.

Different Roof Types and How long they last:

Asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material in the United States. They are affordable and durable and include warranties. These are generally fiberglass and asphalt and come with a Class A fire-resistance rating. These shingles can protect your roof from the elements and come in various colors to match your aesthetic.

3-Tab shingles typically last 15 – 20 years and are the cheapest shingle option. Dimensional shingles have a bit longer life span ranging from 20 – 30 years but are more expensive, and premium shingles are the most expensive but can last upwards of 40+ years.

Signs you need a professional inspection: Cracked shingles, curling, granules, or are experiencing leaks.

Metal Roofs

A metal roof lasts between 20 – 60 Years, with warranties varying from 20 years to a lifetime, depending on metal type and design.

Ribbed metal panels are the most cost-effective but only last between 25 – 50 years. Standing seam metal roofing is the most common residential roofing with a lifespan of 50 years and the ability to withstand wind stand winds over
100 miles an hour. Stone-coated steel tiles are the most wind-resistant and can last 30+ years.

Signs you need a professional inspection: Widespread rust, discoloration, leak damage, water staining, or mold.

Wood Shakes & Shingles

Usually, these roofs last for about 30 years, with warranties that run up to 40 years. These roofs require regular maintenance, including yearly cleaning and repainting or staining every few years. The wood type will significantly determine the roof’s lifespan, with cedar shakes lasting the longest and being rot and insect resistant.

Signs you need a professional inspection: Splitting shingles, rotting shingles, pest damage, or signs of mold or algae.

Clay Tile Roofs

Clay tile roofs are incredibly durable and can last between 50 to 100 years, with warranties lasting as long as a lifetime! Tiles are weather, rot, and fire-resistant. It is crucial to keep clay roofs regularly cleaned. Moss can penetrate tiles and lead to leaks. These roofs are unsuitable for freezing temperatures as the expansion and contractions can lead to frail tiles.

Signs you need a professional inspection: Cracked/chipped tiles, Pieces of tiles in the gutter, or any signs of leaks.

Slate Tile Roofs

Slate roofs have one of the longest life expectancies ranging from 60 – 200 Years! This material holds up in extreme conditions, like wind and temperature, and doesn’t require much maintenance. These roofing systems are cumbersome, and you need a foundation able to withstand the weight.

Signs you need a professional inspection: Missing shingles, Cracked shingles, or see water damage.

Extending your roofs life

Roof life expectancy can be extended with regular roof maintenance and inspections. If you catch the issue early and perform roof repairs, you can extend the roof’s life. You can depend on Mcleran Roofing for service, repair, or replacement of your roofing systems.

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